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About Us

 Read our story below!

Mike’s Gelato was started by Mike Mullinix in 2016. Mike spent a semester in Italy during college, and he fell in love with Italian culture and cuisine. After finishing college in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in business management with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, he searched for a new business venture to pursue.

At the age of 13 he started a produce stand that helped him pay his way through college and established himself as a successful owner in the food industry. So, Mike’s next step was to start something new and what better industry than the food industry.

One night Mike had a craving, a craving for something that could only truly be found in Italy; gelato. He tried to find some decent gelato around Central Maryland, but he soon realized that there was no great authentic Italian gelato anywhere around. So, in search for the best gelato, he decided to travel to Italy and learn to make it himself.

Mike enrolled into Gelato University in Bologna, Italy. It’s the only intense school for people serious about making gelato in the world. Everything that is taught there is about all natural, hand-crafted, and artisanal. After spending months there and learning the art of making gelato, it was time to come back to the States and open the Gelateria.

After analyzing different options, Mike decided to start a food truck. So, Mike spent the next two years pursuing his dream. And after two long years of building out the food truck, getting through the health department, and mastering his craft; Mike was ready to open Mike’s Gelato in 2016. All gelato at Mike’s is hand made from scratch and uses the best ingredients to make sure the customer gets the best and most authentic Italian gelato. 

While a lot of gelaterias use premade mixes to cut cost and time, here at Mike’s gelato we take our time and pride into every scoop. We love what we do and our only goal is to bring you the best possible product anyway we can!